Member Surveys Reimagined


Member Surveys Reimagined.

Introducing MemberInsight

Taking the Power of the Net Promoter System® (NPS) and combining it with an automated survey tool

The MemberInsight Process The MemberInsight Process


Create & Send Automated Surveys

Members are automatically sent surveys based on transactions at the club.


Collect Member Feedback

Responses are collected, and based on member feedback, are grouped into one of three categories – Detractors, Passives & Promoters.


Automated Member Follow Up

Survey replies are sent automatically from the system in order to begin nurturing respondents, and where in person follow ups are needed, To-Do Items are created for club staff.


Review & Improve

Management are sent a daily digest of activity enabling oversight of the entire feedback, follow up, and service improvement process.


Benchmark Your Club

Get detailed departmental performance metrics, and anonymously benchmark your club against similar clubs on the MemberInsight platform.


Automated Survey Delivery

MemberInsight integrates with your back office club management software and uses member interactions to trigger survey deliveries.

Customizable Business Areas

MemberInsight empowers you to dive into each business area of your club, automatically collect feedback from members, then compare and contrast against each of your different departments.

Intelligent Thresholds

MemberInsight features intelligent, customizable thresholds to make sure members receive surveys only as often as you want them to.

Benchmark Your Club

Once survey results start rolling in, your Club score is calculated and you are able to benchmark yourself anonymously against other clubs on the platform.

Automated Response Nurturing

Based on survey results, members can be entered into automated response nurturing programs for additional follow up.

To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists items can be automatically created or manually assigned to system users.

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